When the State empowers its women

Justice delayed is justice denied. A minor victim of rape sought termination of pregnancy within time but the matter was unnecessarily delayed due to red-tapism and systemic indifference. This delay frustrated the victims’ right to terminate the pregnancy. The State in its capacity as a protector of the rights of its women endeavored to protect …

Interim measure under the Arbitration Act in the time of COVID-19

The year 2020 began with the world economies coming to a standstill vis-à- Coronavirus aka. COVID-19.  With lockdown being put in place the country has come to a standstill. The State borders have been shut, commercial transportation is hit, goods neither moving in nor moving out, unless they are on the essential commodities list. Such …


Food and Safety Standards Authority of India, the autonomous body that regulates food safety and regulations in India, published the Food Safety and Standards (Recovery and Distribution of Surplus Food) Regulations, 2019 (“the Regulation). The Regulation streamlines and specifies the responsibilities of food donors, food banks and food distribution organizations that are engaged in distributing …

Even a perception of bias in an Arbitrator would not be fair to the parties: Supreme Court of India

“That apart when one is required to judge the case of another, justice should not only be done, but it should also seem   to   be   done   is   the   bottom   line”, explained the Supreme Court of India in the matter of Vinod Bhaiyalal Jain & Ors. Versus Wadhwani Parmeshwari Cold Storage Pvt. Ltd.. The Supreme Court …



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